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watch the SYSTEM G MOVIE


read the BASICS, ABOUT US and  FAQ tabs



Now the system begins to work for you.


   5. You receive 4 gifts

       In order to receive gifts make sure to edit your Payment

       Preferences in the Edit Your Profile function right after

       you've registered and paid the Licensing Fee.


       If you have chosen the level of  $25 - you receive $100

                                                    $50 - you receive $200

                                                    $100- you receive $400


    6. You re-enter

       After you've received 4 gifts you'll be automatically 

       re-entered. That means you send again 1 gift and receive

       again 4 gifts.


       If you have received $100 - you send $25 again and receive

       $100 again, over and over...


       You invite two people only ONCE and cycle over and over

       again earning $75, $150, $300, etc.

       If you invite more - you'll be receiving more!


   7. You increase your income

       When you are ready, you can move up to higher levels and

       watch your gifting activity explode!



This time next month

will you be needing money

or receiving money ?





Welcome to GIVE1 GET4

Cash Gifting Program



   What is G1G4 (Give1Get4) Gifting Program?

   Give1Get4 is a private association of consenting individuals that have come together to help each

   other prosper through this unique system. Participants have chosen to exercise their right to freely give to

   others who have joined with the same purpose and understanding. Access to the Give 1 Get 4  website and

   participation in the activity are by direct, personal invitation only. If you have been invited to view

   the website, you are a special person indeed and have been given a tremendous gift, perhaps far greater than

   you can imagine. It's the quickest and easiest way to generate money for you and your family.


   Anyone can do this!
   Whether you are employed part-time or full-time, unemployed, retired, a student, disabled, single parent or a

   busy housewife, this unique system will help you generate money delivered directly to you. Money Gifting is

   100% Legal!


   Please know that Give1Get4 is not an investment club, not a business, not MLM, not a company or

   corporation, not a commercial enterprise of any kind whatsoever, nor do its activities include the solicitation

   of anything. There are no investments here, no paychecks, no products or services to sell or buy!


   It's a simple and absolutely free system of giving and receiving money.

   You choose the way you want to receive money gifts: it can be cash, electronic money, etc.


   A totally Automated Global Exchange System.
   G1G4 is a software system which allows you to plug right in and cut the time you spend actually working

   down to a fraction of what most people spend in a typical home-based opportunity.

   For the first time in history this activity has been coupled with the most sophisticated tracking. It is so

   flawless in it's operation, that even an industry first timer can begin to achieve financial freedom within their

   first few days of participation. The other unique feature of this system is that it was designed to recycle your

   gifting activities automatically. There is nothing like this anywhere in the world.


   G1G4 is a great opportunity for you to succeed with a gifting program with low risk. G1G4 allows you to give

   a minimum of $25 which is something that most everyone can do successfully.


Give1Get4Lite, Cash Gifting Program

Give1Get4 also called G1G4 is  the Most Powerful

 Cash Leveraging System available on the Planet!

A totally automated activity of giving and receiving monetary gifts.

Give 1 Get (receive) 4, over and over ...


Fortunes have been made and are still being made using Cash Leveraging

 by everday people just like you and me... People who have a desire to receive money

without becoming  a slave to a job or a business.


Give1Get4  allows its participants to give $100 and receive $400

over and over again!

Give 1 Get 4 has 3 gifting programs and 9 levels that you can participate on

These levels range from $25 through $2,500


You choose which level to start on.


How to join G1G4


         1. Click on REGISTER

             Fill out the form and select the level


         2. Pay Licensing Fee

             After confirmation you'll be redirected to a page where you can pay the Licensing Fee using:

             Safe Pay or Alert Pay


             If you want to pay the Fee later:

             When you are ready to pay the Fee - login to G1G4 through the Members Login using your ID

              and your Guest Code, click confirm and the page with payment links will be opened again.


         3. Send one gift

             In your back office select View Pledges to send and see whom and how you can send a gift.


         4. Invite only TWO people

             After you've sent the gift enroll two other people and let them do the same.



9 Levels of G1G4 (Give1 Get4)





  1. Give $25        Receive $100

  2. Give $50        Receive $200

  3. Give $100      Receive $400




  1. Give $100      Receive $400

  2. Give $250      Receive $1000

  3. Give $500      Receive $2000



  1. Give $500      Receive $2000

  2. Give $1000    Receive $4000

  3. Give $2500    Receive $10000



G1G4 (Give1 Get4) Regular Scheduled Live Calls

Tuesday (Q&A) -- Thursday (Brief Overview)

8:00 Pm Est

 7:00 Pm Cnt

212-990-8000  Pin 4009#


You may also listen to pre-recorded calls 24 hours,

7 Days a week by dialing 212-990-6081


We look forward to helping

 you achieve the financial

freedom that this program can

bring you and your family.


If you have any questions

 about the registration, participation
or need other help

please contact me: